cost just about from Phuket town to Krabi town about 150 kms only krabi today became the main tourist attraction for domestic and international visitors because the beautiful landscape and the nature here is uniquely the only one province has hot spring waterfall in Thailand also the beach and lots islands, caves, mangrove forest and ecosystem here is amazing with those reason there is so many things to do in Krabi for holiday makers.

Top 5 things to do in Krabi during your holiday in Krabi lovely town.

  1. Boat trip to visit islands in Krabi sea include podah, chicken, Tub and Railay bay, Phi Phi islands,Hong island, Koh rok islands those islands are wonderful and suitable for snorkeling and relaxing.
  2. Krabi jungle trekking tours include hot spring emerald pond and dragon crest mountain ( Khao Hang Nak )
  3. E-co nature activity such as kayaking at Thalan canyon or Bortho Kayaking to see the lagoon and the mountain cave look at big head ghost
  4. Adventure activity rock climbing at Railay bay one of the activity to challenge your heart.
  5. Krabi city tour and sightseeing around with long tail boat ride to see the mangrove forest and Khanab Nam mountain view also boat ride to visit Koh Klang village to see the local lifestyle of fisherman Muslim vilage.

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Rock Climbing in Railay Beach Krabi


Railay beach consists of two bay joined at the headland on the West and the East respectively. The west Railay is a narrow beach with surrounding mangrove ecosystem and cliffs suitable for rock climbing. The turquoise water and long beach are highly popular amongst holidaymakers for sunbathing and swimming. However, the highlight of Railay Bay is the Rock climbing adventure tour. Rock Climbing in Railay Beach Krabi is the best choice for your adventurous tour in Krabi.