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Awana luxury boat is one the best choice for a private trip with great quality boat and affordable rate because our luxury speed boat standard is very close to the yacht standard quality but the fee is much cheaper then you hire the yacht.

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Awana Luxury Speed boat Specification

Private charter Luxury Speed boat Specification

Boat Name: Awana Luxury Boat

Length: 7.50m. 

Width: 2.5 m. 

Engines: Honda  

Body of the boat: fiberglass

Navigation: GPS, Sounder

Speed: 33 knots ( MAX )

Capacity: 6 Passengers 

Crew: 1 Captain, 1 Crew 

Safety: Life Jackets, Life Rings, First Aid Kit

Meters Depth  1.62 

Horsepower 225 HP

Additional facilities: 1 Toilet on board and Radio CD sound system 

Suggest island to visit

1. Khai Nok Khai Nui and Khai Nai Islands

2. Koh Yai Nai & Yao Yai

3. Koh Hong & Lading islands Krabi

4. Phang Nga bay & James Bond Island

5. Koh Rang Yai + Khai Island.

6. Koh Maiton + Raya Yai

7. Phi Phi & Bamboo islands

Luxury Speed Charter Prices

Khai Nok Khai Nui and Khai Nai IslandsTHB 15,000
Koh Yai Nai & Yao YaiTHB 18,000
Koh Rang Yai + Khai Island.THB 18,000
Phang Nga bay & James Bond IslandTHB 25,000
Koh Maiton + Raya THB 25,000 
Yai Koh Hong & Lading islands Krabi THB 28,000
Phi Phi & Bamboo islandsTHB 28,000


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